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GlideFast Labs

An Invitation To Innovate

Innovation is a double-edged sword.

To gain a competitive edge in the marketplace, organizations must deliver innovative products and services and continuously improve their operations to do so.


At the same time, however, innovative projects are accompanied by high degrees of uncertainty and inherent risk. All too often, lack of funding, resources, and leadership buy-in can stifle innovation before it begins.

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How can innovators overcome the hurdles of innovation and see their big ideas brought to life?


GlideFast Labs

GlideFast Consulting is excited to announce our new initiative, GlideFast Labs.

Designed for members of the ServiceNow Community, GlideFast Labs invites you to collaborate with our team of experts to develop highly innovative solutions and custom applications. 

We’ve been leveraging ServiceNow customer apps since the very beginning. In fact, we were the first U.S.-based partner to operate our public website on ServiceNow. Since then, we’ve published and developed several applications. Each of these solutions began as a small innovation project–just a few people trying to bring a big idea to life. Now, we want to share that success and drive innovation forward.

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How GlideFast Labs Works

Our goal is to provide a new avenue for ServiceNow customers to pursue rapid innovation on the platform. We're helping offset the risk of new ideas by offering support on a limited number of Rapid Innovation Projects – projects that stay small, move fast, keep risk low, and get your big ideas off the ground. Ideas will be selected based on their potential impact. 


A typical Rapid Innovation Project will last no more than two weeks and is designed to be as small and agile as possible. During that time, we will partner with you to research, prototype, and experiment to help you and your organization determine if the idea is the next big thing…or not. Upon completion of the project, you can decide if you’d like to move forward with a traditional project implementation. 

How It Works

​The only commitment you’ll make is your time. 

Whether you are a ServiceNow customer, an independent software vendor, a startup, or a member of the community, please submit your ideas for GlideFast Labs consideration! 


We are really excited to offer this new opportunity and look forward to expanding GlideFast Labs and watching your ideas grow. 

Connect with our team.

Learn GlideFast Consulting can take your ServiceNow instance to new heights.

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