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Personalized ServiceNow CSM

Improving An Agency’s Educational Operations

The Challenge

When this agency came to GlideFast Consulting, the client had been leveraging ServiceNow and was specifically looking to implement ServiceNow Customer Service Management (CSM) and Request Management. As an educational enterprise, the agency planned to leverage these ServiceNow solutions to provide services to its students.


Shortly after their basic ServiceNow implementation, the client was limited with what
they could offer their educational customers.

Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters

The agency was trying to leverage Service Request as their internal service desk as a mechanism to manage their students. However, the request workflow was very generic and did not route to the appropriate school staff in an automated manner. Additionally, the request was not designed or licensed for external users.

The GlideFast Consulting


GlideFast recognized the need for a personalized ServiceNow CSM solution that would help the agency achieve its goals, support its students, and extend its ServiceNow investment.


For this solution, GlideFast designed and built an automated system to help the agency’s students self-navigate course registration and other educational activities.


To do so, GlideFast created an Educational Catalog and a Customer Portal dedicated to education. GlideFast also set up basic Communities for the client, supported the agency in drafting Knowledge Base articles, and provided basic end-user training for agency employees.

The Results

GlideFast Consulting was able to complete this project for the agency within six months. Throughout the process, GlideFast used an agile approach combined with rapid prototyping to elicit the true needs and requirements from the client. By quickly iterating through many different operational models, GlideFast helped the customer better understand their own processes and pain points.


In addition, as a result of the implementation, the agency now better understands the capabilities of ServiceNow and has improved the way it provides requirements and acceptance criteria. At the end of
development, GlideFast also provided documentation to the client, which they have since used as the basis for their internal training.

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