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Our solution to keeping your company connected during challenging times

Connected While In Crisis

Companies everywhere are struggling to efficiently manage a suddenly remote workforce.

The purpose of CWIC is to unify all your company’s quarantine-related content into one convenient place. 

This service portal microsite gathers all the content from various departments into one central, convenient place. CWIC is built using standard Service Portal features and suitable for any version of ServiceNow, allowing it to seamlessly become part of your existing portal or stand all on its own.

CWIC can be installed in 4 simple steps






Assign your catalog items


Create a link

the update sets.

 and knowledge articles to the CWIC categories.

your options.

to the CWIC microsite.

Key Benefits

1. Service Catalog

KB, IT, HR, Facilities

2. Customize and target announcements

to specific groups.

5. Add direct links

to submitting issues and questions.

6. Include standard features

for self-service to round out the experience.

3. Centralize the catalog

and KB content your workforce will need.

7. Connect with other COVID apps

you're using to sync seamlessly.

4. Provide Contact Info

contact info for various departments.

8. Centralize

your collaboration tools in one place.


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