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ServiceNow Customer Success Stories

A look at our customer case studies showing how GlideFast and ServiceNow have helped automate business processes and improve efficiency for organizations in every industry.

Fixing Electricity Lines

ServiceNow's Cloud Discovery and Service Mapping

Prominent Manufacturing Enterprise

Discover how GlideFast helped to implement ServiceNow's Cloud Discovery and Service Mapping to optimize their Configuration Management Database (CMDB).

Image by EJ Yao

ServiceNow ITOM Discovery and ITSM Solution 

Government Services Company

Learn how GlideFast helped a Government Services Contractor to successfully merge two companies with ServiceNow ITOM and ITSM.

Image by Eddi Aguirre

Hotel Chain Maximizes Investment in ServiceNow SPM with Advisory Services

Large Hospitality Organization

Discover how GlideFast helped to optimize their utilization of Strategic Project Management within the ServiceNow ecosystem.

Image by Thom Holmes

ServiceNow TSM & TSOM Implementation

Large Mobile Communications Company

Learn how our team streamlined processes and implemented configurations using ServiceNow Telecommunications Service Management & Telecommunications Service Operations Management.

Image by Payton Tuttle

ServiceNow Strategic Portfolio Management 

Large Pharmaceutical Company

Discover how GlideFast implemented ServiceNow SPM to enhance visibility into process gaps and project completion.

Image by National Cancer Institute

ServiceNow HR Service Delivery Professional 

Eminent Healthcare Company

Discover how GlideFast implemented HR Case and Knowledge Management, HR Service Request, HR Employee Relations, and Employee Center, also known as HR Service Delivery Professional. 

Image by Štefan Štefančík

ServiceNow Customer Service Management Implementation

IT Service Management Company

Discover how our team streamlined processes and implemented configurations using ServiceNow CSM for a large IT Service Management Company.

Image by Sigmund

CSM Implementation & Personalized Portals

Large Telecommunications Company

Discover how we implemented CSM and designed two custom portals for employees and customers.

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IT Solutions for Disaster Relief

State of Tennessee DHS

Learn how this custom application helps the Department of Human Services provide financial assistance to those affected by recent disasters.


Service Portal Redesign

IT Department of a U.S. State

Discover how an IT Department of a U.S. State redesigned their ServiceNow Service Portal to improve user adoption with GlideFast.


Knowledge Management

Ultimate Kronos Group

Discover how we allowed the Ultimate Kronos Group to formalize Knowledge Management processes with ServiceNow creating centralized access for applications.


GRC Implementation

Big Four Accounting Firm

Discover how we implemented a customized GRC solution that improved resilience to risk, automated compliance testing, and improve company decision-making.


Service Portal Solution

Life Time Fitness

Discover how we were able to increase knowledge base views and user adoption by 70% and create a 90% approval rating across the company’s 40,000 employees. 

Image by National Cancer Institute

CSM in Health Care

Thriving Through COVID-19

Learn how a large healthcare company helps its partners thrive through a pandemic by implementing ServiceNow's robust CSM engine.

Electricity Repair Work

Mobile Agent ServiceNow Solution

Utilities Company

Discover how GlideFast successfully implemented Mobile Agent for this Large Utilities Company to improve customer support services

Glass Conference Room

ServiceNow's Employee Center and Agent Chat 

Industrial Tech Company

Learn how our team helped to implement Employee Center focused on creating an enhanced user experience along with Agent Chat functionalities.

Image by Clem Onojeghuo

ServiceNow Hardware and Software Asset Management (HAM/SAM)

Large Retail Grocery Store

Discover how GlideFast implemented ServiceNow's HAM Pro and SAM Pro to effectively track and manage their software and hardware assets.

Image by Annie Spratt

ServiceNow HR and ITSM Solution

Legal Document Assistant Services Company

Discover how GlideFast helped the client streamline their ITSM processes —  Incident, Knowledge, and Service Request. 

Image by Sam Moghadam Khamseh

ServiceNow Virtual Assistant & Agent Chat

Large Pharmaceutical Company

Discover how GlideFast helped this Pharmaceutical company with expert ServiceNow resources to implement Virtual Assistant & Agent Chat to improve communications.

Image by John Schnobrich

First ServiceNow Operational Technology Success Story

Large Electric Utility Company

Discover how GlideFast helped to implement a one-time import of OT asset data, along with an integration with Verve Asset Manager and ServiceNow Operational Technology Discovery.

Male Scientist

ServiceNow HR Service Delivery Implementation

Large US Medical Device Company

Discover how GlideFast implemented a Standardized Onboarding lifecycle process using ServiceNow HR Service Delivery (HRSD) for a Large Medical Device Company.

Image by Tim Alex

Personalized CSM Implementation

Educational Operations

Learn how we designed and built an automated system to help students self-navigate.


Automating HR Processes

Medical Equipment Company

Discover how our team revamped the entire catalog taxonomy based on three roles: Employees, Managers, and HR Only.

petrochemical-industrial-plant (1).jpg

SAM Pro Implementation

Energy Midstream Service Provider

Discover how we saved an energy midstream service provider $200,000 by implementing a custom ServiceNow SAMPro implementation.


Returning To Campus Safely

Northeastern University

Learn how we utilized ServiceNow's Employee Health Screening and Contact Tracing apps to track daily wellness reports and manage the care of on-campus members. 


SecOps Success

Biotech Company

Discover how a leading Pharmaceutical Biotech Company saved 960 hours per year with GlideFast's ServiceNow SecOps solutions.

Image by Joshua Sortino

ITBM Implementation

Large Media Entertainment Company

Discover how ServiceNow’s ITSM application and ITBM suite enables organizations to take advantage of same-platform functionality, shared records, and workflow capacity.

Image by Bill Oxford

GRC Overhaul

Biotech Company

Learn how a leading pharmaceutical biotech company improved their ServiceNow instance by integrating GRC into their Now Platform.

Image by Lucas Vasques

ServiceNow Vulnerability Response Solution

Medical Center

Discover how GlideFast helped to strengthen this notable medical center's cybersecurity practices with ServiceNow Vulnerability Response. 


ServiceNow HAM Pro and SAM Pro to Manage Assets

Government Organization

Discover how GlideFast leveraged Hardware Asset Management (HAM) Pro and Software Asset Management (SAM) Pro modules to manage hardware and software assets effectively.

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) & Integrated Risk Management (IRM)

Private Research University

Discover how GlideFast helped this Private Research University implement a best practice Policy and Compliance solution and a standard risk management solution with the ServiceNow platform.

Image by Timon Studler

ServiceNow GRC Policy and Compliance

Major Public Utility Company

Discover how GlideFast created a complete implementation of Policy & Compliance with personalized integration, Unified Compliance Framework integration, and issue management.

Image by bruce mars

ServiceNow Integrated Risk Management

Large Telcom Company

Discover how GlideFast helped to implement Custom Risk Assessment and eliminate the client's systemic issue.

Image by Yi Wei

Self-Service Portal for Customers in ServiceNow

Large US Financial Services Company

Learn how GlideFast helped to produce a solution to enable self-service as an option for Treasury Management Services while automating the middle and back office processes in ServiceNow.

Image by Sean Pollock

ServiceNow HAM Pro & SAM Pro Implementation

Large Financial Bank

Learn how we improved the customer's ITAM processes by implementing ServiceNow Hardware Asset Management (HAM Pro) and Software Asset Management (SAM Pro).

Spacecraft in Orbit

Enabling a Remote Workforce

Government Agency

Discover GlideFast helped a government agency go remote with ServiceNow CMDB.

Image by Fotis Fotopoulos

CMDB Process Automation

Computer & Software Manufacturer 

Discover how a large computer and software manufacturer eliminated manual processes with ServiceNow CMDB.


ITSM + ITOM Solutions


Discover how we helped Geisinger modernize their internal processes by utilizing ServiceNow ITSM and ITOM.


ServiceNow Search & Transfer

NewYork–Presbyterian Hospital

Discover how we provided a solution that would effectively manage Incident records across three healthcare institutions while improving the end-user experience.


Streamline Citizen Processes

State of Delaware

Learn how we helped implement a fast solution to the problems the DOL was facing in order to simplify and streamline communication and response processes with citizens.

Image by Christopher Burns

Simplifying Workflows

Financial Services Company

Discover how Security Orchestration, Automation, and Reporting tools simplify workflows, automate tasks, and provide management with desired metrics.

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