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Application Development

Accelerate internal process and solve complex business problems.

We build and integrate custom applications to improve your business’s IT processes, and take your ServiceNow instance to new heights.

At GlideFast Consulting, our application development team has built several applications for clients as well as our own custom applications for the ServiceNow store such as PhishBait, FirmFast, CRM Pro, and FastTrack Recruiting. 

By creating custom ServiceNow Store apps, companies not only help accelerate internal processes and solve complex business problems but also benefit from listing and selling applications (or integrations) to other businesses facing the same challenges.

Key Features

Build powerful digital workflow apps with the Now Platform App Engine to connect people and processes.

Service Management




Engagement Portals



Internet of 

Things (IOT)



Data Tracking

Our team has created custom applications in addition to managing their day-to-day responsibilities and customer projects.


The ability to build a successful ServiceNow app requires expert planning and attention to detail.

To ensure a seamless process and launch, follow our free comprehensive guide and the checklists included in it in order to build and integrate your own custom applications.

Connect with our team.

Learn GlideFast Consulting can take your ServiceNow instance to new heights.

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