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Advisory Services

Drive IT Transformation into the Future

We deliver seamless and successful implementations of the ServiceNow platform.

The goal of the Strategic Advisory Practice is to provide an avenue for implementation success to clients who require a more consultative approach.


We ensure that you have a clearly defined set of agreed-upon service management policies and procedures that will not only lead to an excellent source of ServiceNow platform requirements, but will ensure that you organizations runs IT operations with structure and accountability. 

GlideFast empowers organizations to build and enhance their IT Service Management capabilities in order to achieve a successful deployment of the ServiceNow platform.

Strategic Roadmaps

Process Consulting

ServiceNow Implementation

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Without a clear and futuristic plan, it's difficult to understand the value of your ServiceNow investments. 

But the sky’s the limit when it comes to what you can achieve with ServiceNow. 

That's why our Advisory Services team put together this comprehensive guide. They mapped out the processes and best practices you need to follow before implementing ServiceNow. Don’t get lost on the road to achieve business automation. Download your free blueprint to get started. 

Common Challenges Before Implementations

1. Unable to clearly define

the Services offered as an IT organization

2. Inability to define what “success” is

as it relates to service levels, and overall delivery of services

3. Mis-alignment of services offered by IT

vs what your business needs to execute on its objectives

4. The ServiceNow platform

deployed today isn’t meeting the needs of your business

Benefits & Outcomes of Advisory Services

4. Implement a tailored ServiceNow solution

based on a thorough understanding of your business objectives

3. Provide in-depth consultative services

that aim to build or enhance IT Service Management processes

2. Create a viable

documented plan for the future via our strategic road mapping

1. Deliver meaningful

objective assessments of your organization’s current state

Ensuring that clients have a clearly defined set of agreed upon service management policies and procedures will not only lead to an excellent source of ServiceNow platform requirements, but will ensure that organizations run their IT operational environment in a structured, and accountability-based model.

Connect with our team.

Learn GlideFast Consulting can drive your IT transformation into the future with strategic advisory services.

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